CoN Cloud is a cloud storage service that can be used for file sharing and collaboration.  The Cloud application is available for Windows, Macintosh and Linux desktop operating systems. There are also apps for  iPhone, iPad, Android, and Windows Mobile devices.

The service provides 10 gigabytes (GB) of storage. The data is stored on College of Nursing servers at the university data center and protected with (SSL) Secure Socket Layer encryption.

After installation of the associated application, a Cloud folder appears with the user’s other folders. Users can save files to the folder, add new folders, and drag and drop files among folders just as if they were all local. Files in the Cloud folder can be accessed from anywhere with an Internet connection – the user just has to log in to his account to upload, download and share files.

To get more information about the CoN Cloud service or to request an account please create a trouble ticket.








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